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Frequently asked questions

+What is is a consumer panel community website for specially recruited and trained individuals. Each iCoN® panelist is invited to participate and interact with others to offer insights, ideas, and solutions with—and for—Ideas To Go’s clients. This unique, co-creation opportunity allows everyone—marketers, market researchers and innovation managers on the client side, plus iCoN® panelists and Ideas To Go’s expert facilitators to generate develop and refine new product ideas, concepts, and retail experiences that leap-frog innovation efforts forward, while maintaining the Voice of the Customer at every step.


The iCoN® Panel is Ideas To Go’s Innovative Consumer Network®. It is managed by Ideas To Go, an innovation process consulting firm, as a service to clients. We select highly articulate, imaginative thinkers and train them even further in creativity techniques. Then, panelists share their experience as consumers by participating in Projects, in-person and online. This helps our clients understand their customers, expand opportunities and discover the next big idea.


If you would like to be considered for the iCoN® Panel, click here and tell us a little about yourself.

+How can I participate in the iCoN® Panel?

Anyone interesting in participating can contact us using the link below. To be selected for iCoN® panels, individuals need to first pass a creativity screener to qualify for a training. Trainings assess the creative potential of recruited individuals based on the four critical elements of creativity in idea generation—Quantity, Diversity, Uniqueness and Elaboration. Once you pass the in-person training and evaluation, you are placed on an iCoN® panel. Please note that trainings are not on-going. They are scheduled and conducted based on the demographics requested by Ideas To Go’s clients—so if you don’t hear from us right away, don’t worry. To be considered for one of our next openings, please fill out our Contact Form and tell us a little bit about you.

+How often will I participate in studies in the iCoN® Panel?

That depends. The more complete your profile is, the more easily we’ll be able to match you with opportunities. Please note that even if you qualify for a particular project, you may not always be selected to participate—but we do pay attention to how many polls you fill out and how often you are available to work. There are no limits to how many projects you can participate in—so if you qualify and we invite you to participate, you are encouraged to do so.

+How will I be informed about current studies or panel activities?

We send out a poll or qualifying survey to a large segment of the iCoN® Panel—then based on responses, we send invitations to participate. Panelists need to confirm that they received the invitation and will attend. It’s that easy: Get a survey, fill out the survey. Get the invitation, confirm the invitation.


Even if you are unavailable for a project or think you might not qualify, it is helpful for you to respond anyway—even if it’s to say you can’t make it that day. It’s worth it because for each survey you complete, you get a certain amount of Points. (See Points details below.)

+What are Points?

Points are rewards for participation in a variety of activities. Points are earned every time you respond to, or participate in, a monthly poll, an assignment, qualification surveys, online discussions, etc. Points accumulate in your account—and once the balance reaches a minimum amount, you can convert those points into electronic gift cards. Currently Points are only available to the iCoN® Panel.


Conversion Rates:

250 points = $15

500 points = $35

1,000 points = $80

+How do I check and when can I redeem my points?

It’s easy. You can check your points total by clicking on the “Points and Payments” page of the site. To redeem your accumulated points once they reach the minimum requirement, click on the Redeem Points button. You can also access the Points, Payments, and Redeem pages from the right-hand side of the website under My Account. Currently Points are only available to the iCoN® Panel.

+When will I be paid for a project I participated in?

For the iCoN® Panel payments are processed the day after your participation. You chose to receive your payment in the form of check in the mail or via direct deposit on your first log-in to the site. From the Points and Payment page, you can check the status of your payment to see when it was processed and when it has been/will be mailed/deposited.

+Why am I not getting qualification surveys?

To combat SPAM, many mail servers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use high-tech filtering devices to ensure that you receive as little or no SPAM as possible. Occasionally these devices filter out legitimate emails, like our surveys. Please check to make sure a qualification survey was not accidentally flagged as SPAM.


Also, if your profile is incomplete, you may not turn up in our search for people to contact for a given project. We do our best to know each of you—but having a complete profile helps us know you better.

+Will my personal information be given out to anyone?

No. Protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Please be assured that all the personal profile information is processed by the most sophisticated technology to protect you.


For more information, please see our privacy policy.

+What if I am no longer interested in participating?

You may cancel your membership at any time by logging into your account and going to Cancel Membership at the bottom of the page

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